Thursday, September 1, 2016

death and the journey continues

Matt's old girl kitty died yesterday. She had what he thought was a stroke a few days ago and lost her ability to see but was still eating and seemed happy. She began having seizures yesterday and lost all control of her bladder each time and came out of it no longer able to walk. I'm not sure how old she was since she was a stray that he adopted off the street but she was very old. He gave her a good several years as a pampered house kitty and she left the world being loved.

Cro's late day was yesterday and he got up early for work this morning. I did another 5 miles on the recumbent bike and re-watched another 30 minutes of The Night Of finale.

The road is rather boring but looks like I'll be passing through a town soon.
I have an email to design today. Yesterday I worked on a website I'm designing for my hair stylist. He suggested trading web work for hair appointments. Yes, I can do that. :)

[ 2g ] LC bagel
[ 1.2g ] 2 fried eggs
[ 1g ] 1 oz sharp cheddar
[ 7g ] part of a Sargento Balanced Breaks pack
[ 5g ] LC zucchini bread

=====Total 16.2 carbs=====

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