Thursday, September 8, 2016

drone maps

Cro is home for a 4-day weekend. :D

30 minutes on the bike got me another 5 miles and a total of 70.2 since I began this mission. I took a few days off when the air conditioning died and then discovered my free trial had ended (I know, it was bad to allow the lack of photos to be an excuse). I paid the darned $9 for 6 more months of mission photos and probably will re-up it again then if I'm still using it for motivation. I may need to plan a tour of another country just for the fun of seeing the sights from the safety of home. Google probably doesn't map areas that are too dangerous for their cars but who knows … maybe there is a Google maps, drone edition! Imagine a biking tour through the congo! African safari!

I'm trying to take the next two days off too in a way. I'm periodically checking email and doing anything that pops up but am not actively seeking more work during this long weekend.

Afternoon biking: 4.8 miles for a total of 75. It's hot out there but pretty comfy on my indoor recumbent bike.

[ 2g ] LC bagel
[ 2g ] peanut butter
[ 1g ] cream cheese
[ 1g ] ground beef and half an LC bun
[ 1g ] shredded cheese
[ 5g ] 10 blueberries
[ 2g ] 2 strawberries
[ 4g ] Dove dark chocolate

=====Total 18 carbs=====

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  1. I love having the boyfriend around for long amounts of time.


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