Monday, September 12, 2016

LC cookies and interest on zero

The morning has been one thing after another…

I called the bank that I took loan from because the statement said I owed interest even though the account has been 0 balance since the first week I took out the loan (I paid it off in the first week). Before I paid it off I asked if there would be any interest if the loan was paid off right away. I was told that there would be no interest as long as I paid it off before the first statement. I did. Crazy.
Before the lady even looked up my account she said "I can wave that interest charge." Seems like they must have mistakenly done that to a lot of people since she had in mind what to say before even looking up my account.


I biked for 5 miles. It is easier even though it still took 30 minutes. I think tomorrow it's time to add another 15 minutes. It would be even more cool if I could do more miles in the same amount of time. I'll see how that goes for my ride this afternoon.

Glitches. It's placed me on top of the overpass but I'm actually on the road below.

I'm working on a new website for a restaurant that has been my client for years (since 2012 I think). New owners, new menu, new everything.

Oh, I made LC cookies out of Quest bars thanks to this post by Shelly at "The World According to Eggface" blog. I had some S'mores Quest bars that I didn't particularly like in the back of the cabinet. When baked until crunchy they are FABULOUS!!! I had to bake them longer than Shelly recommends but by checking on them frequently I didn't burn them.

[ 5.5g ] 4carbs Quest bar and 1.5carbs for the pecans
[ 4g ] Dove dark chocolate (I had this at 2:30am but it counts toward today's total *sigh*)
[ 0g ] pork rinds
[ 6g ] Heluva Good Dip
[ 5.5g ] 4carbs Quest bar and 1.5carbs pecans

=====Total 21 carbs=====

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