Monday, September 19, 2016

Liquid day 2 of 3

Day two of liquid diet. I was majorly hungry last night but not at all this morning. I heated a serving of Zucchini puree for breakfast regardless. I have one more serving of that for later today and think I might have some protein powder in the cabinet for a protein shake meal.

I've been upping the level of difficulty on my recumbent bike and am doing small hills with relative ease. I contemplated whether it would be better to add more hills or add more time. I think both but for now I am still doing 30 minute workouts and seeing if I can do extra miles, with hills, in the same amount of time.

Zebulon and future ahead.
I've been watching episodes of Little Britain USA on my phone while biking. It's a horrible little show, lol. It is so ludicrous. Offensive to the extreme. Ridiculous… and funny. I was surprised to see Sting guest star in an episode. I've finished them all so what's the next series to fill my cardio theater time? I watched all of the Family Tree series and at first thought it was a bit annoying but later loved it and hope they do more. IDK, maybe I'll give Veep a try. I'm going through the HBO series because they last about 30 minutes, I have the HBO NOW app on my phone, and there are no commercials.

Another 5 miles (10.3 today) and a little rainbow above the Zebulon exit.

[ 4g ] Zucchini soup puree
[ 9g ] Halo Top ice cream
[ 4g ] Zucchini soup puree

=====Total 17 carbs=====

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