Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Liquid day 3 of 3

It's "Monday Night" Oct and I'm hijacking "Tuesday morning" Oct's blog post. I'm a few minutes out from watching Paul Trani's live facebook webcast introducing Character Animator. I'm way excited to try it! It allows you to use your built-in camera to map your movement onto a puppet character. (Kind of like how they mapped Benedict Cumberbatch's movements onto CGI Smaug.)

There are starter puppets of course but think of the possibilities of creating your own puppet character in Illustrator and recording as you motionize it! Okay, there is already a word for "motionize". As you animate it! Anyway, Paul is involved in doing a 3-day Adobe conference starting tomorrow and will be talking all sorts of cool stuff. I will likely watch it via their facebook page but it's probably available through the Adobe site too. And with that I will relinquish blog control back to my tomorrow self. :D


I made a protein shake this morning from EAS chocolate protein powder. I made a second one and put it in the freezer so it will be nice and cold when I have it later.

The Adobe conference I was excitedly talking about last night is about After Effects, is free and starts at 9am PST (so noon here). It's at adobelive.com. If you are in the design biz and hold a 9-5, it may be a good way to excuse yourself from the next 3 days/afternoons of work in order to attend. And if you are like me and are in the biz as a freelancer, it's still a good thing to attend between your client work. I use Illustrator but haven't delved into After Effects. I'm looking forward to the conference and seeing some amazing techniques!

Biking today was easy though I think I'm getting a corn or something on the outside of my right pinky toe. It rubs against my sandal as I bike. Maybe I need to wear some proper tennis shoes. I can do that, lol. I've started watching VEEP as I bike. It got rave reviews at the Oscars so I decided it might be worth giving a chance.

5.4 miles in 30 minutes this morning.

[ 7g ] protein shake
[ 7g ] protein shake
[ 12g ] tomato soup

=====Total 26.5 carbs=====

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