Friday, September 2, 2016

on the way to getting old

I always seem to start off posts on Friday by announcing that it is Friday. I suppose because weekends are so precious that it's worth a mention when we are almost there again.

The website comp for my hairdresser is on its way to him. Or more accurately, I sent the email so it's already there. This instant communication thing is awesome. I remember back in the day before the internet how I used to wait for weeks to get a return letter from my pen pal. PEN pal, what is that? I wrote letters on paper, with a pen, and mailed it. I never ever ever would have thought that the way we did things would be considered old timey ways, but I know now that they are. Kids born after the internet existed will think how archaic to not be able to do LOTS of things we couldn't even imagine then. Yeah, I'm very reliant on internet and can't imagine life without it, but I did very happily all through highschool and I'm more than sure I'm happy it didn't exist back then.

How did my blog post get hijacked by thoughts of before it even existed?

Anyway… it's Labor Day weekend in America. Cro and I will be grilling something I'm sure. :D

5 more miles on the recumbent bike first thing this morning. I find exercising first thing to be the best way to ensure I don't get caught up in a wave of put it off, put it off, too busy, hmm, tomorrow.

Hope Plantation is ahead. Maybe I should plant some hopes.

[ 5g ] LC Zucchini bread
[ 2g ] LC Bagel
[ 2g ] peanut butter
[ 0g ] item

=====Total ___ carbs=====

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