Tuesday, September 27, 2016

recipe request

The dehydrator is good though I think Cro likes the dehydrated zucchini chips more than I do. I foolishly tossed the raw zucchini slices in a mixture of oil and spices before trying to dehydrate them. The oil prevented them from drying. I stopped it after they had been going overnight and still not dry, toweled each slice off and put them back in for another several hours. Even so, they still taste of oil to me. Next time, no oil to make the spices stick!

Soon I will be trying beef jerky. Does anyone have a favorite no-sugar jerky marinade recipe to share?

Another 5.3 miles today and the road is getting busier as I leave Raleigh.

Out of Raleigh and on to Durham

[ 7g ] protein shake
[ 7g ] protein shake
[ 2g ] Heluva Good Dip
[ 10g ] salsa chili
=====Total 26 carbs=====


  1. When I make my jerky I just use dry spices like garlic, salt, pepper. Fajita seasoning is another favorite. My parents use a spice blend hey buy locally. I wish I could eat jerky !!! Not allowed with braces.

    1. You could taste it on your tongue – but no – you are right to stay away from it. Jerky would pop your braces off and cause you a visit to the dentist. :( I did that lots when I had then, but I was 16.


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