Wednesday, September 28, 2016

rings and wheels and ice-pops

Cro sold his first mokume-gane ring for $100. The guy who commissioned it is very happy and it fits perfectly now. :D I think Cro is planning to do an Etsy shop to sell more.

I added another 5.3 miles to my total this morning. Total 161.9 miles with 944.6 to go. It's time to up those miles! I'm still watching Veep as I bike. Ima go for another 5 miles in a few minutes.

57 days of recumbent biking, averaging almost 20mi per week.
0-Cal (0-everything) Ice-pop frozen in one of my new silicon molds

I did another 5 miles this afternoon. 10.3 miles of recumbent biking for the day!

[ 3g ] Heluva Good Dip
[ 20g ] salsa chili
[ 4g ] Quest bar

=====Total 27 carbs=====

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