Sunday, September 18, 2016

Sunday - liquid diet day 1 of 3

I am going to try a liquids/puree thing for a few days. I was reading early posts from Shelly's blog (at The World According to Eggface) and began to think (again) about what is the thing that allows people who've had weight loss surgery to lose so much so quickly. I know there is some tissue lost in the surgery but they are also very limited in what and how much they can consume. I think Shelly lost 35 or 36 pounds from June 29 – July 16 her year of surgery.

So, a low-carb liquid/puree diet for a few days it is. I plan to make this puree today or tomorrow. Zucchini Soup.

I know, I didn't go through the pain of surgery and don't have the physical limitations that help indicate (very sternly and severely) when you are going wrong, but I can still try to adopt some of the post-surgery techniques. 

It might not be as effective on me. I will still keep things low carb. Water. Water. Water.

5.4 miles this morning got me to Spring Hope. In reality we are entering Fall.

This is the last time I will be able to fit all of my progress points on one screen.

[ 0g ] a mug of Pacific Organic Bone Broth :P
[ 4g ] Zucchini Soup (puree)
[ 4g ] Zucchini Soup (puree)

=====Total 8 carbs=====


  1. Sometimes I miss the days when I couldn't finish an egg. 😆 I keep planning liquid days too to get ready for the 6 weeks my mouth will be wired shut after jaw surgery.

    1. I must have missed a big post. Jaw surgery?! Jaw wired shut for six weeks? OMG that sounds major!

  2. I might not have blogged about it. That gives me something to type about. I get my braces tightened tomorrow too.


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