Friday, September 23, 2016

this post is brought to you by the letter L

I miss all of the guys from the Adobe Livestream conference today. Yeah, it was almost like being in the room with them for 3 days of interactive learning. Now I'm inspired to try my skills at motion graphics. Hey, maybe even at motion picture editing. So very very cool.

Cro is home with a vacation day today and is downstairs now working at his lathe.

I ordered a little food dehydrator from Amazon. It should be delivered Sunday. I remember back in the day we didn't get mail on Sundays. lol … anyway, I'm excited to get it. Back in my 20's, I remember I used to dehydrate deer jerky. Why did I ever stop? I suppose not having an easy source of venison was the reason. I have no idea what happened to the old dehydrator but it was plastic and not really made to last decades so it probably died at some point or was gifted to someone else when I moved. I have big plans to make zucchini chips first thing with the new dehydrator. Then maybe I will purchase some venison and make deer jerky once again. Yum and low carb!

Speaking of low carb, this low-carb and mostly liquid diet has my clothes fitting looser. That's a good thing.

[ 7g ] protein shake
[ 12g ] tomato soup
[ 0g ] pork rinds
[ 6g ] cream cheese

=====Total 25 carbs=====

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