Thursday, October 6, 2016

billboards on Google maps

Matt and I are going to see Miss Peregrin's Home for Peculiar Children later today. And I am shipping back our old non-functioning modem that Comcast is still billing us rental for. I chucked it in a closet a couple of years or so ago, not wanting to make my way to the seedy part of town to drop it off at their closest location to me. The rental was only $6 per month and it was about a 45 minute drive to an area I'm am wary about so I put it off. They've upped the monthly rental fee to $10 and I just learned I can take it to any UPS store to ship back. Yay! Their is a UPS store not far from where I live and it's on the way to Matt's office. Boo-yah, it gets returned today.

In work news, I've finished another responsive email template, make daily updates to the Texas home builder websites and the film festival website (pro-bono) is just about ready to do for another year. Matt sent a new temp page design that I'll be putting into html sometime before the weekend is over.

My biking today took me virtually past a billboard for Baldwin Beef. It caught my interest when I noticed it was grassfed, antibiotic-free and hormone-free, farm-raised beef and that they have a website which advertises that they ship. Cool. I've already checked out the site and may buy a couple of steaks just because. ^_^ They sell half-sides of beef too which reminds me of old Melcho's butcher shop where mom and dad would buy sides of beef to stock the "deep freeze" they kept on the enclosed porch in the way-back of my childhood. I remember the Swan truck delivering ice cream for our deep-freeze too. Ah, childhood. I particularly liked orange push-ups.

Mile 202.2. Bet they didn't think this billboard would get them a sale from Google maps.

[ 3g ] part of a Quest bar
[ 18g ] Halo LC ice cream
[ 8g ] part of a fathead (LC) calzone
=====Total 29 carbs=====


  1. Swans ice cream and a side of beef was in our deep freeze too. :)

    1. Our parents knew how to keep the fam fed and save money too. :)

    2. Our parents knew how to keep the fam fed and save money too. :)


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