Monday, October 10, 2016

cauliflower fried rice Monday

I was wide awake at 4:30am and was STILL awake at 6am so I got up and took an Advil PM in hopes of getting back to sleep. When 8am rolled around I was SO happily sleepy and did NOT want to get up. I let Cro's alarm go off a few times before finally getting up at 8:20. Yawn! I did 5.5 miles on the recumbent bike and sure would have liked a little more sleep. Amazing that I used to get to work by 7. The 30-40 minutes to drive there meant I was on the road by 6:15am every morning.

diced onion, celery, and riced cauliflower - ready to go

I need to do something with a head of cauliflower that's been in the fridge for a few days. First I will rice it and then decide. Okay, I've decided on this cauliflower fried rice, I think.

Cro was approved for the rest of his vacation days. He'll have six 4-day weekends scattered in from here until the end of 2016. :)

I biked 5.5 miles this morning. 212 miles total so far.

The cauliflower fried "rice" turned out well. I wouldn't say it was easy or quick, but I made a good meal and have leftovers to have another day.

more prep stuff - I used a tbsp Worcestershire since I didn't have fish sauce

riced cauliflower

the finished product

[ 3g ] a few sips of protein shake
[ 3g ] part of a Quest bar
[ 0g ] pork rinds
[ 9g ] cream cheese
[ 4.5g ] cauliflower fried "rice"
[ 8g ] chili, no beans

=====Total 27.5 carbs=====

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