Wednesday, October 19, 2016

fasting (day 2 of 4) and the Ghrelin are quiet

If I get through today with nothing but water it will be the longest I've ever fasted. lol, that isn't very long is it? I was hit by hunger pangs late last night… I think it must be psychological hunger because I have none at all this morning. The Ghrelin are quiet (hehe, I like the term ghrelin. I think of Ghrelin as a tribe of little goblins that live in the belly). Hunger pangs are when the Ghrelin are rioting. :D

I wondered if I would feel light-headed doing my 6+ miles of biking this morning but nope. I feel just fine. Still watching VEEP on my phone as I bike but even though the actors are good, it's still grating to see them acting the parts of politicians whose main agenda always seems to be what other people think. Sometimes I just have to turn it off and bike in silence.

6.2 miles this morning for a total of 264.8 so far.
American Horror Story is tonight. I wonder if it will have an AMH title sequence now that the Roanoke Nightmare mini story is over.

This is pretty awesome. Green Giant is now selling riced cauliflower, cauli-mash and veggie tots. The carb counts look very reasonable to me too. I may have to try some on a day when I can't be bothered to rice the cauliflower myself. :)

[ 0g ] item
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=====Total ___ carbs=====

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