Monday, October 31, 2016

Happy Halloween

I did 7.4 miles on the recumbent bike this morning and it was darned tough. Ah well, I felt accomplished after I accomplished it. 370.1 miles total so far.

It's a quiet day.

Cro wished me happy birthday and gave me some awesome and very thoughtful gifts. My favorite scent of perfume, a DNA kit so I'll get to find out more about where I came from (very awesome), and a gorgeous ring box that he turned on his lathe out of a piece of walnut from dad's farmland were some of the gifts. Wow. :D Mom send a birthday card and called this morning, Konrad emailed with birthday wishes, tons and tons of people have wished me happy birthday on facebook (that's so cool) and Matt says he has gifts for me and is taking me to see the Dr. Strange movie later this week.

I feel loved. :)

Cro's at work now and today is his end of the month late day so it's just me and Loki for the rest of the afternoon/evening. I think I'll fix the gliders their food and then cuddle up with Loki and a book. I'm reading the second book in the Miss Peregrin's Home for Peculiar Children series.

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