Wednesday, October 12, 2016

watching & working

Shin Godzilla was sold out so we didn't get to see it. I guess we should have thought ahead but none of us (another friend was going to see it with Matt and me) imagined that theater would ever sell out. I guess we are spoiled from seeing movies mid-week when the theater is almost always empty except for us.

FatHead Cheese Dough, ground beef & chorizo, shredded cheddar

Cro is off work tomorrow and Friday with a couple of vacation days. He sold another ring commission! He is both elated about the sale and bummed out that it means he'll be spending hours to create it on his wood lathe again. A metal lathe would be so super nice for him.

One more weekend of sparse programming before The Walking Dead is back! To be fair, we are both liking HBO's new series, WestWorld. Since it's HBO Now we don't have to worry about catching it at the time it airs though.

Not a ton going on right now work-wise. Lots of Texas home builder stuff and I'm waiting for approvals on my latest email design. Oh, and Matt says a local restaurant I did a site for has paid. He was acting as customer rep on that one since he knows the people.

I ordered some Nicotinamide Riboside (in a nutshell, it's a vitamin B3 to boost energy, better sleep and neuro health) that should be delivered today.

From my morning 5 miles.
It's strange – I have multiple friends who have visited Asheville, NC in the past and a couple of friends who are currently visiting it this week, though they don't know each other and have no idea the others are also there. I hadn't heard of the place before reading One Second After by William R. Forstchen. I'm currently in the middle of the sequel, One Year After. Neither of those books make me want to rush out and book vacation time in Asheville, but I guess it's a popular place to visit. I am getting close to it on my virtual biking route from Cro's childhood home to Indy.

[ 8g ] FatHead calzone
[ 4.5g ] cauliflower fried "rice"[ 0g ] item
[ 0g ] item

=====Total ___ carbs=====

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