Wednesday, November 2, 2016

fell again

I'm up to 391.3 miles total and bike nearly every day, sometimes twice per day.
I did 35 minutes and 7 miles exactly on the recumbent bike this morning. It wasn't so maddeningly difficult as it has been the last few times. I think my problem has a lot to do with how boring it is and with focusing on the numbers as they slowly change. .3 miles, .4 miles … .6 miles, 1.3 miles … … … … 2.8 miles. 35 minutes … 23 minutes … 18 minutes … … … 5 minutes to go! Oh cry. It's so boring!

I was fighting the boredom as I bike by watching HBO NOW on my phone. I'm on season 4 of VEEP and I find myself turning it off for some blessed silence when the characters get into big arguments. They argue lots. Ugh.

Silence is good as long as I'm not watching my status on the bike's display. To avoid that I often bike with my eyes closed. Then I wonder how far I have to go and peek. To avoid peeking I've started counting to 1500 "steps" before I look. That got me through much of this morning's session.

Anyway, enough of the biking boredom. The exercise is doing me good! I tripped and fell last night when I got up in the dark to go to the bathroom. I didn't twist my ankle this time! I didn't hurt myself at all.

After reassuring Cro and Loki that I was fine I got up from the floor without having to grab on to nearby furniture at all. Yeah, that is probably normal for most people but it hasn't been that way for me for awhile. Last time I fell I had to crawl to my desk chair and use it to support my upper body as I got up. Embarrassing. This time I got right up, no problem. The daily biking has made my legs much stronger!

Poor Loki. He sounded his distress alarm after I fell. ME-owww! ME-owww! ME-owww! When I reached out to reassure him that I was okay he touched his nose to mine and purred so loud! He's not a natural purr machine so I know it was part for me and part to ease his own stress.

I fasted yesterday (only water) and am attempting to fast today too. Today's fast didn't make it so here's what I had:

[ 2g ] 8 pork rinds with cream cheese
[ 10g ] vegetable beef soup (made by Cro)
[ 0g ] item
=====Total ___ carbs=====

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