Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Rawr. Election day.

I have been waiting on a package delivery that requires signature. Yesterday I had the joy of seeing the mail truck pull up, sit at the mailbox for a few minutes and then drive away while I was still looking at it from the window. A few seconds later I got a text from USPS saying there was no authorized recipient available. @#$@% what??  Oh well. I went to the USPS website and asked for it to be delivered today and left note "Come to the front door."

So today I thought hmm, it's only 11 and the mail truck came by yesterday at 2:30pm so I have time to go vote and get back way before the mail. I left and 15 minutes later I get a text: "Notice Left - NoAuthRecpct". Gah! I guess I'll pick it up at post office tomorrow.

7 miles this morning

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