Monday, November 7, 2016

So many exciting things!

Last week flew by so fast. Cro was home Thursday and Friday and Adobe Max was on Wed-Fri. Adobe Max left me super inspired and Cro and I decided to combine our Christmas money to get a new camera to share. SO EXCITED! We are going to get the latest Canon Rebel digital SLR. He already has some nice lenses for his old Canon Rebel that will fit the new one too.

Loki has been annoying for the last couple of nights by trying to sleep high on my shoulder/neck and pressing all of his weight through a front paw that pushes on my arm. I have a bruise from this so don't want him touching it anymore. lol, poor kitty. He doesn't understand and just wants a comfortable sleeping spot. And I want to sleep comfortably without a cat sitting half on my shoulder and half on my neck. I got up and did a round of biking in the middle of the night (like 2am) in hopes that he would find a better place to sleep and be settled down when I came back. He was cuddled in the crook of Cro's legs, behind his knees and fast asleep when I came back to bed. Yay.

SC has some fast food places that we don't have in Indy. Cook out? Bojangles?
I suppose we'll have a new president soon. And whoever it turns out to be I'll be happy when the election is over and maybe there won't be so much election-related ugliness on facebook.

Matt has invited me over for belated birthday gifts and a movie Thursday. Exciting! :) The Filmfest is starts Friday and I know he'll be happy when all of the activity is behind him for another year. He's stuffing goodie bags at the art museum (the film fest venue) tomorrow night and says that's it until Friday when the main excitement starts.

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