Tuesday, November 22, 2016

upping the elevation and the "ups" truck

Haha, mom calls this the "ups" truck (she pronounces it like a word)

I increased the elevation on my recumbent bike to make it a little more challenging. The additional resistance actually makes me push harder and go a little faster when it hits a downhill slope. I'm on difficulty setting 5 now rather than 4. And I was able to do 7.4 miles in my 35 minute session this morning. I has been upsetting Loki that I get up in the wee hours of the morning to bike. He hangs around close to the bike and tries to mess with things on shelves to make me stop and pay attention to him. So far my shelf arrangement (everything just out of his reach) is foiling his efforts. He is a wily one though … he'll keep trying.

Chewy.com delivered a huge box of cat treats and stuff that Cro had ordered. The delivery guy was nice and didn't block it up against the door (or I would have had to walk around from the back door to pull it away in order to open the front). Loki will be chowing on some new treats tonight.

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