Tuesday, December 13, 2016

how and spicy and snow snow snow

I biked 6.2 miles this morning. I changed the amount of time to 30 minutes rather than 35 and wanted to see if I could get the whole 7 miles in if I was mindful of pushing hard through the entire session at the new level 6 elevation. Nope. I have it set to go 35 minutes at level 6 tomorrow.

572.9 total miles so far. Amazing to me that I've biked that far since August!
It's snowing for real this time. The forecast for today says snow snow snow snow snow snow.

I bought some Vindaloo sauce and plan to make chicken vindaloo today. Kon says vindaloo curry is very spicy but I haven't tried it before. I hope it will be good as well as spicy hot.

The chicken vindaloo is good but doesn't seem very spicy to me … just mild and tasty. I was afraid it might have a mustard flavor since one of the ingredients is brown mustard seed, but I couldn't detect mustard at all. It's 6 carbs for a quarter of the whole batch. I ate a few pieces by themselves today but have riced cauliflower if I want that with it tomorrow. I'll be having it again sometime. It's called Maya Kaimal Vindaloo refrigerator sauce, I think.


  1. That reminds me I have some butter chicken sauce! I have had vindaloo but I can't remember how spicy it was.

  2. I haven't tried butter chicken sauce but I would if I ever see it. This vindaloo wasn't spicy at all.


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