Thursday, December 8, 2016

Indy bound

Oh wow, I've passed where Cro used to live near Atlanta on my virtual bike rides. I backtracked and took a pic of the Google street view showing his house.

This is Cro's rental house before he moved to Indy to be with me.

And this shows my little detour to be able to bike by his place.

7.2 miles on the recumbent bike this morning. From here on it's the road to Indianapolis. Then where should I virtually bike? Maybe I'll visit Kon's home on the island.

Vikings was so good last night. If you haven't watched it and like history mixed in with your action-adventure-dramatic-and-immersive world, I HIGHLY recommend watching Vikings from season 1.


  1. Vikings is on my to watch list while I am recovering! Have you watched Alone on the history channel? Season 3 started last night.

  2. I tell Cro he should try out for Alone and he says no, that he's out of shape. Whatev… he would be great.

    But yes, we both love watching it and were happily surprised that it had started up again. He likes to see what they've chosen to bring and scoffs at those who bring something just because it may look impressive.


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