Friday, December 16, 2016

LOL - someone flipping the bird for Google Maps

Way funny!!! I biked 7.7 miles, entered the time on My Virtual Mission and got this Google Maps pic of someone leaning out the car window and flipping off for the camera. This makes me wonder if anyone has been caught mooning the Google Maps car. I'm sure they have! :D

Loki and I were sleeping peacefully when suddenly he leapt over my shoulder, claw-kicked off of my face and slammed himself into the wall with a bang and then walked around pacing and saying Mee-OWWW! Mee-OWWW!

WHAT THE…??? is what I think Cro woke up and said.

OW! is what I woke up and said.

All was fine other than I had a newly stinging brand of three claw marks on the side of my jaw. I think Loki must be a sleep-leaping cat. Maybe he was dreaming about leaping to catch the snake toy he loves so much. He didn't hiss this time so I don't think it was a nightmare.

Ugh, what a fun way to wake up. :p

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