Wednesday, December 7, 2016


Yes I've heard of smog, know what it is, realize it is something that reportedly does happen in far-away places I've never been. But as I was entering my morning miles into my mission tracker I was presented with a Google maps photo of where I was in street view and had to wonder why the image seemed a little fuzzy. I said "hmm" and backed up a few miles where the photo was clear again. "Was that smog?" I'm nearing Atlanta and thoughts of zombies from The Walking Dead were on my mind until I was distracted by the fuzzy photo. I Googled "Does Atlanta have smog?" Oh yes, it apparently does. Poor Cro! That is the air he had to breath for many years. Smog. Well, I never!

Then I wondered if Indianapolis has smog and Googled that. I guess we do have air pollution but it isn't something that I've noticed and I grew up in a rural area so it seems like I would notice something like that.

I'm happy that I'm doing my biking virtually. 7.4 miles this morning and into the virtual smog I go.

In other unwanted atmospheric condition news … snow has appeared on my computer calendar, predicted for Sunday and Monday. *sigh* from smog to snow.

In honor of Angie I am having "eggies" for breakfast. (Where are you Angie? I miss you!)

In my first step toward learning crochet I rolled a center-pull yarn cake. I guess creating balls of yarn is necessary rather than crocheting straight from the skein. Who knew.

[ 1.2g ] 2 eggs
[ 0g ] 4 slices of bacon
[ 8g ] spicy almonds (too many)
[ 0g ] turkey
[ 10g ] cauliflower tots

=====Total 19.2 carbs=====


  1. Not sure if my first comment went through. I always hit the darn sign out instead of done on my phone.

    Pretty yarn! What's your first project? I can do basic crochet. I used to make scarves for everyone when I lived in a cold place.

  2. It went through, yay!

    I think my first project is going to involve the basics and how-to stuff. First was how to roll the yarn into a yarn cake. Next I think it how to hold the hook and yarn properly. Then chain stitches. Woo boy! :) I'd like to work my way up to winter hats soon.


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