Monday, December 12, 2016

the Dance of Agitation

It doesn't feel much like Christmas season to me yet. The world is whizzing by so maybe I'm not over the Thanksgiving season yet. Christmas is two weeks away though.

Cro and I decided to go in together on a shared gift and bought ourselves a new camera. Canon Rebel TS6s to be exact.

Loki squinting against the flash.
Loki isn't impressed with the new camera. Flash hurts his eyes! The bad one more so than the other. He needs kitty sunglasses. B•[

I'm not at all familiar with using an actual camera anymore though I did take a couple of photography classes while in college. Matt and I were in one class together and yes, we developed our own film with all of the appallingly dangerous chemicals which aren't needed in today's world of digital photography.

We had such fun though! We made up a little dance for when we had to agitate the film in the canister. We called it The Dance of Agitation of course. :)

Hold the canister in one palm and rest the other hand securely over the top, do a little jig and hop on one foot. Then turn rotate the canister so the top hand is now bottom and the bottom is now top. Hop to the other foot as you flip the canister and do a little jig again. Turn the canister, hop to the other foot, turn the canister, hope to the other foot, etc etc etc. That's the Dance of Agitation. :D

7.4 miles this morning. I also increased the elevation so now I'm on elevation setting 6.

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