Wednesday, January 18, 2017

as Britney says, you gotta work b****

It's 11am and I am only now finishing up two client's pop-in projects so I can get back to my big one. work work.

Mom just called and let me know that one uncle says another uncle told him he'd heard that it was healthy for a person to have one shot of whiskey every morning. One became two and two became three and now he's an alcoholic and having bad health troubles. :( I'm so lucky that alcohol doesn't have that needy grasp on me. I like it when I have it (it makes me giggly) but I have no problem at all going months to years without a drink.

I biked 7.3 miles this morning and carried Loki back to bed after. Silly cat, he likes the routine.

I thought the billboard was funny. Almost to enter Tennessee - get your fireworks and knives.

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