Friday, January 27, 2017


I'm all kinds of happy today. I had a conference call yesterday evening with my client/friend/past-coworker about the website project I'm doing for him. I had called and left a message earlier yesterday because I was hopping with excitement about what I had accomplished on the project and just wanted to share! He was in meetings but called me back later and it was such a fun conversation. He's loving it.

It's so cool when I finally get out of the scary stage of a new project and can look at it with confidence rather than anxiety. Fun fun fun! Lots to do still but it's definitely in the fun stage of work now.

I didn't bike this morning. I am feeling pretty tired today and am giving myself permission to have a slow-paced day and let some of the pent-up stress from earlier this week dissolve into the weekend.

Loki is going to have some stress next weekend because I made a vet appointment to get him caught up on his shots. It will be with his normal doctor (the one who did he broken-leg surgery). Loki does not like going to the vet but shots are important to keep him healthy.

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