Monday, January 30, 2017

hungry baby

685.2 miles total. 7 this morning
Tennessee is hilly and pretty so far.

Cro's late work day is tomorrow. I'm still working on the big website but only have one more day before February hits and the other work rolls in. That's good though. I'm past the scary part of the big one so now it's just work but also fun.

I guess I have to worry about doing taxes soon. Maybe that bit of fun (not fun) can wait until March.

Has anyone else been peeking in at the baby eagle? I've been watching now and then since it was hatched a couple of weeks ago. I've been calling it Baby Huey lately because it has grown so fast! There is still an unviable egg in the nest that papa tried to nudge out but mama nudged it right back in. Papa has been missing for a couple of days so baby is very very hungry while mama waits for papa to get back. I think she is going to have to leave baby alone and hunt soon. Baby is probably big enough to be okay alone for a little while.

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