Thursday, January 12, 2017

stress monster

Of course the stress monster is getting me down as usually happens when I'm overloaded and people have high expectations of me. It will be fine.

I made myself get up 40 minutes early this morning to get in some biking, knowing that taking care of my body is one thing I can do to make myself feel more in control.

Matt, is the kindest, sweetest friend. I was telling him how my next few weeks are going to be packed with a project. His response was to ease the news that a client project he brought me in on is ready to go on a website by saying he will do the layouts and get client approval before I build anything … essentially working on things while I am overloaded so it will be ready for me to start in a few weeks. It's nice having a friend who is in the same biz as me (he's print side while I am online stuff).

7.2 miles this morning for a total of 634.7 so far.

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