Wednesday, February 15, 2017


I need to think of a birthday gift idea for mom. She loves horses but has just about everything known to man that is horse-related. Horse tack for actual use while riding the horse… check. Horse books… check. Horse knick-knacks… check. Horse pictures on clothing… check. Horse games and puzzles… check. Horse pictures on the walls in her home… check. Horse pictures on pillow and blankets… check.

What else would a horse-obsessed, outdoor-loving, country mom like? Hmm, maybe some horse-stationary so she has something pretty to write me letters with. lol. But what else? That isn't much.

Giving it thought.

Cro's work had a backup tape fail so he didn't get home until late. We had a late Valentine's Day celebration. It was nice even though just a little stay-at-home dinner and gifts. We like to treat each other well even if it's just an excuse for a holiday.

Back to work. I'm up to 739.2 total miles on the bike since August. Yesterday I only got 5.1 miles in. It's nice to feel something is missing until I've done my biking. It's routine now.


  1. Okay, okay... I can take the hint. You want me to record a medley of me yodelling horse-related cowboy tunes for you to give your mom. CAN'T YOU JUST COME RIGHT OUT AND ASK ME?!?

  2. lol … horse socks and yodeling. Got it! ;)


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