Thursday, February 2, 2017

Vikings and pirates and work, oh my!

Eek, I've been busy and not thought to update for a couple of days. I biked 6.8 miles yesterday and 7 miles this morning. The Tennessee hills continue.

I'm meeting a client tomorrow at Starbucks. I guess I'll have a tea to make it worth their while to give me free wifi and a place for us to meet. :) He likes coffee and suggested Starbucks for our meeting place. Last time we met at Mcallister's Deli and it was so busy we dodged the line and got a table. We went through the whole meeting without ordering anything. Thanks for the table! hehe

The Vikings season finale was last night. Oh wow. I guess I can hold back from talking about specifics in order not to spoil anything. I will just say that oooh, Ivar is a nasty one! Someone who needed to die got it too easy, someone who didn't need to die got it painfully in more ways than one and someone else who didn't need to die got it shockingly.

Black Sails has started season 4. Ooh so good.


  1. Are you watching Taboo on FX or The Young Pope in HBO? I'm enjoying them.

  2. Haha, yes. Matt texted to let me know he thought Taboo was very very good and that I should watch it. I don't know if we are caught up on everything but we've watched 2 or 3 episodes of The Young Pope too. Jude Law, yay. :)


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