Monday, March 6, 2017

reality: working … fantasy: life sentence on a luxury space cruise for two

Still working on the big project. It is due to go live by end of this month. I also have to do taxes sometime before month's end. Boo taxes. Such a hassle to do.

Cro and I watched the movie "Passengers" over the weekend. I asked if he knew where we'd seen the guy who plays Arnold, the barman-robot and asked if maybe he was in one of the Twilight movies. He didn't know but I was sure I'd seen that actor in something, Guess what, he WAS in the Twilight movies. He was Aro, the leader of the bad guys. I wonder if his roll as Aro led to the character name Arnold in Passengers. Who knows.

I have to bike sometime later today. Maybe now.

[ 1.2g ] 2 boiled eggs
[ 22g ] 2 servings broccoli/cheddar soup
[ 1g ] 1oz moz string cheese

=====Total 24.2 carbs=====

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