Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Snow in the forecast? It's March!

Though I did bike last night at 4am-ish. I've been having some serious insomnia but 35 minutes of biking lets me sleep like a baby when I get back to bed.

Cro told me a couple of days ago that there was 5" of snow forecast for the weekend. I thought I must have dreamed him telling me that but no, it's true. Maybe by the time the weekend gets here the forecast will be completely different. It's March!!!

[ 1.2g ] 2 boiled eggs
[ 22g ] 2 servings broccoli/cheddar soup
[ 1g ] 1oz moz string cheese

=====Total 24.2 carbs=====


  1. Yoohooo!!! Where are you?

    Got a recipe for you to try. Cut peeled hard oiled eggs in half lengthwise and cost them with Parmesan. (Green can kind) and fry them in butter. I'm gonna try it tomorrow.

  2. Gonna send out an APB for you!


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