Friday, May 12, 2017

Oh good grief it's May!?!?!

Sorry I disappeared for awhile. A longer while than I thought.

My big project went smashingly well and is done, my in-person teaching session with them is done, and they are paying me a small three-month retainer for maintenance, updates and answering questions they may have.

And I just finished a mini-stress fest of a project for another client. I thought it was going to be 18 hours of work in one day but turned out to be 10.5 hours of work over two days.

Now it's the weekend! Happy happy weekend.

Matt's birthday was last week and we got together for a movie and prezzies Wednesday. We saw Guardians of the Galaxy 2 in 3D. Loved it! Regarding gifts, Matt likes Wonder Woman so I got him the Wonder Woman mom (Hippolyta I think) with horse action figure from Walmart (yeah, it's actually pretty cool though). Also another Bowie book that he said might be his favorite Bowie book of all, and a huge Japanese compilation of some comic that I don't remember the name of (he is a fan). I laughed and told him when the book arrived I called to Cro and said I think this book is broken, the cover is on backwards. lol. Cro explained that Japanese books are often bound that way. It's normal.

I'm sure I have all sorts of things to catch you up on since I neglected the blog so horribly. I'm sorry. And I'm back! Well, it's the weekend so… Monday! ^_^


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