Wednesday, May 17, 2017

work work?

Cro spoke up to let me know that customer service is a sucky, sucky job. Then I read a few reviews of a place that was looking for someone (reviews by former employees). The reviews pretty much told the story of how it is working in a low-skill-needed job. The stories were of be being demeaned, made to cry, the lack of respect and lack of thanks shown and how the boss would get jollies sitting in the high seat and making the workers sad. Then I thought of the movie Office Space. Great movie, but kind of a horrible reality. And I thought of the jobs I had while in college. I've been lucky and none of my jobs were horrible or made me feel bad. No "Office Space" scenarios.

Back to the needing money issue…

I thought I'd call a few people I've done design/web work for and see if they have anything going. Matt is such a sweetheart. A few minutes after I got off the phone with his boss he called to let me know of a couple of projects for people he knows. :) One was for the film fest we do pro-bono work for every year. The other was for a restaurant he and I had quoted together. The restaurant decided to do something on their own but they haven't done anything at all and it's been a good while now. Matt's going to bring it up with them again.

Maybe I just need to look at what's available in the design/web world. Someone might love to have another freelance resource.

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