Wednesday, June 7, 2017

show and tell

Working on a portfolio site for myself. Here it is in progress and any critique to help make it better is welcome. It is BIGTIME in-progress with lots still to add for all of the secondary pages. Anyway, here

It's scary sad how much stuff I have without much organization. I've put up tons of older work and just a few newer pieces, none of my email design (which I've done TONS of), none of my online display ads (also TONS of), and no print work or illustration. So yeah, I have LOTS of stuff to add and I know it would be good if I also write a little something about some of them. For now, it's mostly placeholder images for the "Choose a project category" section.

But enough explaining … I've said it's in-progress and I'm sharing the link in case any of you have tips.

Matt and his boss have given me a couple of projects to work on. His boss even asked that I bill her weekly rather than saving it all for one bigger bill at the end. I know that is to help me but wow, so incredible these people!!

One of the people at the big project I just finished just referred me to a client of theirs to bid on a website redesign, based on how happy they are with my work. Yay. :)

But still scary-boo regarding mortgage and such. Cro and I have even stopped our once-per-week date lunch in effort to save a few bucks. *sigh*

And of course, my MS has me walking like a cripple now. I migrated to using a cane several months ago but it's tough to get around even with that. Why do I have to have a sucky body AND have to worry so darned bad about money? Yeah, I know … I'm a whiney baby. My mom is 74 and still riding horses. I'm so happy that she can still do that.

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