Wednesday, November 8, 2017

60 hrs and The Escape Room

I made it 60 hours before I broke the fast (weak sauce!). A huge headache broke me down. *sigh*

I ordered some No Salt to replace the old container of Also Salt that I was using to make my "snake juice" and Cro ordered more Himalayan sea salt.  It was funny to notice how when I put the No Salt in my online shopping cart that Himalayan sea salt and Keto Sticks popped up as the "people who purchased this item also buy" thing. I guess enough people are trying the Snake Diet that tell-tale (or tell-snake tail) signs are showing up on Amazon.

Cro's company is sending them to a team building escape room exercise tonight from 6-9pm. It looks pretty cool. He says they will be doing the KGB Interrogation escape room (an advanced level room! @_@). I looked it up and apparently only 5% succeed in escaping that one.

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