Monday, November 6, 2017

No food.

This is the morning of day two snake fasting (no food, sea salt+potassium water).

I'm hungry but it isn't killer hungry and I'm not light-headed and dizzy (supposedly thanks to the sea salt and potassium) so that's good. I'm aiming for a 72 hour fast so 38 hours to go.

My birthday this year was pretty quiet since I was working at home alone and Cro had to work his late night of inventory. He gifted me with new pajamas (hehe, love them), a fantastic hair dryer to replace one old one that was threatening to catch on fire, and a bottle of Icelandic Mountain Vodka (with The Mountain from Game of Thrones on the label!).

My snake juice - water+1tsp sea salt+1tsp Also salt (potassium)

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