Friday, January 12, 2018

Yay! Late Christmas with Matt :)

Late Christmas with Matt was SO fun. It just reminds me how nice it is to get together with a friend who is dear enough to tell me he considers me his sister. :) I feel the same.

We exchanged gifts, talked and laughed and immediately felt at ease even though he hasn't visited my house for years (we would normally get together at his place when I worked downtown). It was nothing like that feeling of being the hostess and stressing that everything was up to standards of the visitors. It was comfortable and nice.

We had a cocktail and I told him I think Loki is snuggled behind the quilt on the futon. He went into the television room to see and they were making friends when I returned with a bowl of freshly popped popcorn for him to snack on. Loki seemed to miss him and seemed on watch in case he came back for the rest of the evening after he left.

We watched a few old episodes of The Simpsons, chatted and had a nice time. He suggested we have movie nights at my place in future now on occasion and I love that idea! This morning he texted to let me know he was telling John about that cocktail mix we had and how good it was. It was pretty easy too.

*sigh* Happy Friendmas. :)

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