Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Family and pain relief

A quick update to let you all know I'm still here.

One of my cousins is now retired and spending her retirement RVing around the country (this year anyway). She is calling this her trial year with the RV and has been on the road driving to visit relatives from the state of Washington, through Texas, Florida and lastly Indiana. She is just enough older than I am that I didn't see her much growing up. While I was in grade school she was living half the country away and raising her own family.

It was so wonderful to have a couple of days to get to know her better and share stories of my dad, our grandma and several other members of our family. Dad was the baby of his family so this cousin grew up more like a sister than a niece to my dad. She has two siblings who are near her age and another sibling who is a couple of years older than me. She says that in all practical purposes, the youngest brother was an only child. The three older siblings were already out of the home and living their own adult lives.

She is gone now and I miss her to pieces! She is such an interesting person and had lots of things in common with Cro—love of animals, appreciation of his work at the wildlife rescue and his love of rattlesnakes, wood carving (I can't wait to see pictures of things she has made), and general love of exploration and seeing the fascinating things in our world.

In other news, Matt's birthday was last week and we are going to get together for his HBD (happy birthday) celebration at my place for gifts, cocktails and a movie.

And I'm under a pile of projects (which is good) so I'm getting back to it.

Oh, big news on the MS front: I've finally been able to use CBD Oil (it's legal here now!!!) and it is SO wonderful for pain relief. It's so good, in fact, that I'm already sure I need it in my life permanently and worrying about affording it every month. I probably haven't mentioned it because why bring the blog down with constant complaints but I have chronic pain in my right leg from hip to ankle. A combination of Aleve and Tylenol has been used to the point where it was hurting my stomach. I've become familiar with the term "painsomnia" over the past year or so.

CBD Oil doesn't bother my stomach at all (so no more ulcer worries) and it has more benefits than the big one of pain relief (like it gives me control of bladder urgency—I know, TMI—and a list of benefits that may happen cumulatively I'm only beginning to appreciate and watch for).

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